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Evening Rendezvous

“As the Twilight fell, the sky turned to a light, dusky purple” 
The shades of Dawn and dusk in the evening tones are beautiful and call to the end of yet another day, with a promise of the sun rising again to meet you tomorrow… The chilly weathers are near and the purple and gold tints are here..
Today’s post is all about the pleasant evenings that we all enjoy. I am dressed in a full sleeved pullover with my ripped jeans, it is a beautiful evening like any other and the time is right for a romantic rendevous with the sun.
“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, Take the sunset in a positive way as to the end always leads to a new begining, the sunsets to reset yet another beautiful day.
Evenings are always the favorite part of the day, and it is mainly due to the weather and the mixture of purple and orange in the skies. The sky is like a canvas and the sun paints its shades all over it.  My outfit is inspired by a mixture of the rusty sky and the grey clouds.


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