men's fashion

The Urbane woods

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life”
Walking with the trees, these beautiful greens perfectly compliment the look for the day, with winter coming up, its time to get those jackets out of the closet! The concept is to do a biker jacket look between the woods, with a very roadster look.
The Green Quotient
Staring into the paths, with a skeptical mind. The roads we chose decide our future! But being skeptical will often stop you from thinking free and exploring!
Serenity in the nature
The Biker jacket from forever21men is paired along with an ombre tank in a sky blue shade. And styled with a beanie from maxfashionmen
What inspires you the most?, is it the woods?, is it the waters? Find your special place to spend your moments in. Always remember where you come from.
Fashion in the woods!
The rustle of the trees bring a subtle winter breeze, walking down the grassy path, wearing my classic brogues to match my outfit. Taking a walk through the trees, in my roadster look!
The Green quotient
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