Women's fashion

Colors of Glee

Colors and vibrance, give a very bright vibe with the festive season around the corner. The festivities give you hope for a better tomorrow, colors give you a reason to feel proud of your achievements and your loved ones have your support always.


Today’s post is all about what festivities mean to me, its the time when everyone takes a break!, from work, from all tensions, and has a good time with their loved ones, it could be your family, or friends, or your pets!


The color story is bright and preppy, with my outfit following an all-blue story. The top with a tie up at the front and a lace detail, designed by Themeanwardrobe, paired together with a pair of denim shorts and a laser cut chic flip-flops, and earrings from Sarojini Nagar.
Yellow: The color speaks about a bright tomorrow, that hardwork will never end in disappointment. That light destroys every sorrow.
Pink: Speaks for courage and a positive attitude towards your every approach in life, to make the right decisions in your every step
Blue: Blue speaks for a calm and well thought process. To not let your emotions command over your any decision. To be smart and humble..
Finally, a smile goes a long way. To make you feel better, and to make the one receiving the beautiful smile from you. Warms up their day. We could all use a smile, after all festivities are all about happiness and spreading the joy!


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