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Sun-kissed & Floral

The spring – summer season screams out for floral prints and blooming greens!, a refreshing breeze, with the sun peeking out with a gentle glare over you, the breezy weather and the summer glow, a playful time out in the day. I am wearing the perfect outfit for the season, fashioning a floral shrug from Qasics,

it is perfect to style with a solid tank, the print is in a beautiful mauve and navy shade, and its light weight and flowy element helps to give a pleasant look in the breeze. I love to be independent and free, and this outfit portrays just that!, it is flowy, and playful and cheerful!, It goes perfect with my personality. The day is so soothing and fresh, like the beginning of something new, I am wearing my favorite trousers from Zara and a basic tank from Forever21, with shades from Ray-ban, and my most used bellies from Max. To top this all the weather was perfect for the look, with the sun up bright and flowers bloomed to the fullest and winds blowing and the sun-kissed radiance!!.
Dont miss out on the beauty out there with your busy schedules!, take some time out to refresh and enjoy the weather!, I repeat this as I know, that it’s never too late to have a good time, but do not miss out on important moments, as they pass by. Grab them before they do!
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