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Abandoned mysteries

Life is full of mysteries, some left unknown, while some dug up. Everyone has a story, a story they tell, and one that’s untold, these untold tales give you a deeper insight into one’s mind. But some things are better left untold, not everything requires an explanation.
For today’s story, I came across an isolated plot, with greens growing wildly, as they have no fears, no restrictions. We must learn to take a leap of faith, to take risks that we never thought we would, because what is life with no strange mysteries, there can be no happy without sad, and no light without the dark, like how the stars shine in the dark, I am wearing, my everyday jogger-pants Splash India with a half sleeved shirt from Forever21men, these tinted shades from Flipkart, my favorite white sneakers from m&m sneakers, and I have worn my scarf in a turban from MaxFashionmen.


Have you ever been to an eerie place?, where you felt the paranormal?, a cold breeze on a warm day, silence that speaks, rusted houses, broken stories, deconstructed homes with residents from the beyond, greens that grow into the concrete, wild creepers reaching up to a creepy getaway. My soul yearns to find out a story behind these walls, the faded reflections into the mirrors, the silence in these lanes, questions left unanswered, but these pictures to keep a memory.
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