Women's fashion

Empowered Grace

Feeling powerful from inside, one must carry a confidence thats just right, not arrogant, but just self assured. Any thing you do should be graceful, a sort of grace that reflects in your every action. In this story I am wearing a classic black dress with a floral print and a back slit from Qasics, it is a perfect combination of a feminity with a bold statement. Its graceful but yet strong, a balance women need to handle, Fighting your battles in those gorgeous heels and the trendy bag. Who says a stylish woman cannot be strong too?, be bold and break all stereotypes.
There is nobody blocking your path, but petty stereotypes, break free and be who you want to be, and make the most unique combinations of nature that nobody ever has, as life is too short to think back and regret. This dress from Qasics, creates a perfect spring-summer story but striking with black, I am carrying a trendy handbag, from Max fashion, and shoes from Raw hide, makeup from Ulta beauty.
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