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Fashion dialect

They say eyes can translate a whole language better than words can, as they speak for your soul, so many people get sold into the hunt for material that they lose the passion in their eyes that brings out a true spark, a spark for hope, a spark for passion, a passion that has striken within even before our mind sets out its plans.

“Fashion connects us like a bond, like a language, listen to what it has to say to you”
I am an introvert, I have never been the talkative one, hence I believe that communication has various modes, If not by speaking. It is true that language can connect people, but it also breaks a bond, a bond that does not require language to build a bridge.  Fashion is not just about clothing, its about a persona, about an attitude, about a lifestyle, that cannot be restricted with a set definition.
Nobody is perfect, and perfection is boring.
Communication is important, not your fluency in a language, these pictures may convey many messages to you, not all messages that I intended to, but however they are transferred. Fashion creates a communication, that is barely visual, a language that one needs to master.
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