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Poetry in Portraits

In the perspective of a literature fanatic, everything he sees is poetic, contains a story, a deeper meaning, that not everyone can find. There is a mystery, in the way a poet writes, the way he pours himself into paper, he finds a muse, someone who can deliver his story with just the way she is.
It’s not materialistic, it’s not glamorous, it’s just natural, a pure form of inner beauty that is seen in her eyes, breaking boundaries and breaking free from the set definitions of beauty by the biased majority, she believes, in herself, he believes in her, a perfect drama, captivating the audience into their stories told, stories yet untold.
Life is beautiful, do not let the arrogant nature of materialism destroy its soul, find beauty in the smallest things, that hold meaning, a meaning so beautiful that it keeps you much satisfied than any penny can. Do not shut your mind by defining things that do not need a definition, there is beauty in variation, in diversity, in culture. a kind of beauty that only your soul can interpret.


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