Women's fashion

Motifs & Autos

The most adorable three wheeler’s are autos, yellow like a minion, compact and cute.  On a long auto ride, it is almost like a mini roller coaster with how adventurously the auto-walas drive. As Indians I am sure we all have our experiences with autos. With no seat belts, we hold on to the auto excited and scared, but suddenly you feel carefree.

Life is a roller coaster with ups and downs, a crazy auto ride if you must say! so hold on tight its going to get bumpy!. I am wearing an embroidered top with a scarf with paisley motifs, with a pair of classic denims, my hair is left open, feeling happy and bright today. A smile is the best curve on your face, so smile and be happy, there will be many moments that make you upset and stressed, but shake it off and wear a smile, it suits every face.
| Top : Street shopping | Scarf : Max fashion | Trouser : Max fashion | Shoes : Splash India | ULTA beauty |

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