On the other side ♂

‘Far away from the city, a place so serene, so beautiful, so green’. A breath of fresh air, the trees rustled in the wind, the sun feels so warm and refreshing. Today we took a break from the buzz of the city, and on a trip towards the village side where, we are enjoying the fresh breeze and taking a peaceful walk around a park.
We all have a busy schedule all through the week but sometimes you need to take some time out to isolate yourself from all that and get a doze of nature to rejuvinate and refresh. I am wearing my comfortable black tank, paired with a denim shirt and my woven trousers, to complete the look with my classic brogues. I am dressed comfortable to suit the breezy weather.
| Tank : Forever21 men | Shirt : Hollister | Trouser : Marks & Spencers | Shoes : Arden | Glasses : Lenskart |

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