Women's fashion

Assorting my wardrobe ♀

Assorting my wardrobe!! As a girl, we do have tons of clothes that we find difficult to sort out, here’s to sorting out our clothes according to the occasion.

  • Casual wear : This look requires all things comfortable!, you need to grab clothes that are super comfy and breathable. Do not wear too many layers, keep it simple and casual. I am wearing a pair of everyday joggers with a tee and a pair of bellies, and my hair is tied up in a pony and makeup is kept to the minimal.

| Comfort | Casual | Breathable | Street | Accessorize | Playful |

  • Weekend wear : Now girls, we all have our weekend plans, be it a date, or a sunday brunch, or an outing with our girlfriends, it is important to dress elegantly. I am wearing my printed trousers and a crop top, with a tribal neckpiece and a clutch, and a pair of classy sandals, I am wearing my hair in a braid and some basic makeup.

| Classy | Elegant | Light | Ladylike | Accessorize | Comfort |

  • Party wear : Now ladies, dress to slay! In this category, wear your hottest clothes and flaunt your best features, no judgements, because we dress for ourselves, not for others. I am wearing my favourite LBD ( little black dress ), with a statement piece of jewellery and my wedges with a clutch. My hair is open and my face is made up with some smokey eyeshadow and lipstick.

| Dressy | Trendy | Bold | Bling | Accessorize | Ravishing | Classic |

  • Semi Formal : This category is however formal but with a tint of preppiness, mind you do not wear anything flashy or bright, as neutral tones make people take you seriously. I am wearing a peter-pan collared blouse with a short skirt and stockings, with a pair of formal shoes and a bag. My hair is pulled back with a hairband and minimal makeup.

| Comfortable | Semi-casual | Neutral | Classy | Preppy | Ladylike |

  • Formal wear : Now up your game !!, the formal look is all about a confident, bold woman, who is demanding of respect and control. I am wearing my buttoned up shirt with a blazer and a pair of formal trousers and shoes, I am carrying my work bag with my pair of glasses. My hair is tied up in a bun and makeup to the minimal.

| Sophisticated | Confident | Bold | Accessorize | Smart | Classic |

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