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Categorizing my wardrobe! ♂

Categorizing my wardrobe!, This post is all about how to categorize your outfits to match the right occasion, so stay tuned for more! :

  • Casual wear : The key note to master a casual look is to think ‘comfort’. I am wearing a comfortable knit tee, with some denim shorts and my pair of kolhapuri chappals and a pullover tied around my waist to complete this look.

| Comfort | Casual | Breathable | Street | Accessorize | Playful |

  • Workout : Work-out clothing, or gym wear, holds almost the same concept as casual, that is ‘comfort’. I am wearing a pair of comfortable joggers and a vest, with my running shoes and a cap to get my hair away,  completing the look.

| Stretchable | Breathable | Gym | Absorbant | Accessorize | Sporty |

  • Party wear : This category demands a hint of attitude to ‘dress to kill’. I am wearing my classic leather jacket with a dual tone tshirt  matched with a pair of tapered trousers and to finish the  look my must have, shades and my classic black oxfords, that goes perfect for any occasion.

| Dressy | Trendy | Bold | Bling | Accessorize | Glossy | Classic |

  • Semi Formal : Casual fridays or, bringing down the typical work wear, down a notch. Semi formal gives you the freedom to mix comfort with work wear. I am wearing a classic polo tshirt with a pair of formal trousers and glasses to match my ‘all-white story’, to complete the look with my classic black oxfords.

| Comfortable | Semi-casual | Neutral | Classy | Accessorize | Dandy |

  • Formal wear : The formal look, or work wear is the ultimate time to dress on point and sharp. It gives a serious impression on people, and never wear a flashy color to work. I am wearing a white shirt with a classic notch collar blazer with formal trousers, to complete the look with my glasses and my classic black oxfords and a bag.

| Sharp | Serious | Structured | Classic | Accessorize | Elegant |

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